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Your Confidential JMD Systemics Process to

Your Successful Business & Personal Transition

In planning for your business exit, there are a number of elements to seriously consider. JMD Systemics helps and guides you through every step of the transition process. Strategic planning for your company's advancement is absolutely critical to your successful exit. Most business owners find this is a challenge due to their being involved with day-to-day working in the business and not having enough time to work on their business.


Our professional strategists can help guide you in the profitable positioning of your company for future growth. To avoid all the pitfalls of any Business and Personal Transition process and all potential wealth and product gaps that may exist in relation to the market trends, JMD Systemics offers the following services:

  • Process Improvement: By addressing areas of concern through facilitated problem solving, JMD Systemics helps integrate Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement into your company’s culture.

  • Opportunity Analysis: JMD Systemics helps you explore untapped opportunities to “Grow Your Box” and narrow any wealth gap which may hinder your progress for a successful exit.

  • Organizational Development: Whether yours is a high performing team or one that could use improvement, JMD Systemics assess your organizational effectiveness and best practices to initiate and manage change.

  • Strategic Systemic Planning: JMD Systemics works with you to develop a high level vision that translates to a set of goals and Key Performance Indicators that keep your business on the right track.JMD Systemics explores with you all your needs and desired goals and develop effective recommendations for achieving these goals.

  • Succession and Transition Planning: By exploring succession options and systematizing your business, JMD Systemics ensures that you realize the full benefits of your hard work.

  • The JMD Systemics 5 Steps Process Strategic Implementation: Once your strategies are determined, with your approval JMD Systemics will implement all appropriate recommendations to strengthen your market appeal, improve wealth gap strategies, and collaborate with your Transition Team to secure your successful transition.

  • Coaching and Facilitation: JMD Systemics' specialized team of professionals, in collaboration with your already established trusted advisors and ensuring timely execution of tasks, guides you through the complex transition process. Our certified Transition Advisor will confidentially coach you through the emotional challenges which you will inevitably encounter during this arduous process.

  • Human Resources: From recruitment to replacement planning, JMD Systemic works with you to attract and retain the best talent.

  • Conflict and Dispute Resolution: Through facilitation, mediation and complaint investigation services, JMD Systemics helps improve interpersonal relationships at all levels of your company.

  • Reputation Management: Invasive inquiry, aggressive reference checking, difficult final interviews and even undated resignation letters are the new norm, the new standard. Candidates for political office as well as senior corporate officers may be required to sign a statement attesting to the truth of their assertions about their history. Undated resignation letters may become the norm. JMD Systemics makes sure that regardless of the situation, you are prepared to weather any possible storm.


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