Make the Most of Your Retirement!

Everything you need to know about a successful Transition Plan and Exit Strategy.

Do you have a strategy to make the most of your retirement?

The magic number for retirement savings in Canada is $756,000 and, while that is the average amount Canadians believe they need to save for retirement, up to 90 per cent do not have a formal plan on how to get there.

Join us for an insightful conversation with JMD, chief Strategist of JMD Systemics, and Transition Strategies star Arthur Dolan during a 60-minute webinar called “Make the Most of your Retirement.”

Presented by JMD Systemics and Transition Strategies, this webinar will teach you how to develop and implement a transition plan to help you better serve your customers, grow your business and get the most of it while looking forward to your exit strategy or retirement.

Learn what benchmarks are important to set a successful transition and exit strategy and how you can keep your people, employees and members of your family engaged during this process.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • What benchmarks and indicators of success are important to monitor their transition plan or exit strategy.

  • What are the most overlooked aspects of any transition plan or exit strategy.

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